Neuer Kammerchor Berlin
Neuer Kammerchor Berlin

About us

The Neuer Kammerchor Berlin (New Chamber Choir Berlin) was founded by Adrian Emans in October 2016. The choir is made up of choral music students from the University of the Arts Berlin, graduates from vocal programs, and other singers with extensive choral experience. This collaboration makes for a professional approach to the music.
The Neuer Kammerchor Berlin has taken on an ambitious a cappella repertoire; the choir rehearses weekly and holds regular weekend rehearsal retreats. The repertoire includes choral works from several different epochs, ranging from the literature of the Renaissance to the choral works of the classical modern. The ensemble is supported by the music education department of the University of the Arts Berlin.

In November 2017, the Neuer Kammerchor Berlin participated in the 31st international choir competition “Praga Cantat” and won the Gold Band – the second prize in the category of “Mixed Choirs”.

As part of the International Choir Competition for Chamber Choirs Mosbach, the Neuer Kammerchor Berlin took part in a workshop with Prof. Frieder Bernius, the director of Kammerchor Stuttgart.

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